Organize for Serenity
The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.- Mother Teresa

  Professional Organizing for the Home


Customer Testimonials

"I frequently team with Karen on projects and appreciate her focus on the goal we seek to achieve.  She arranges tasks into logical sequences that do not overwhelm. Once completed, Karen takes time to evaluate the success.”

Suzanne Wellington

Granite Bay, CA


"Our office was a disorganized disaster. Karen to the rescue!  She helped us identify items to be tossed or recycled and then organized the rest of our supplies in logical and creative ways. Everything became easier to find and accessible.  Karen is adaptable, flexible, careful and communicative. Any project she works on returns great results. I highly recommend Karen's expertise."

-Maren Cortese, Parish Secretary
St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church

"Karen Chappelear is organized, diligent and focused.  She assesses the scope of a given project, and easily defines the work and timelines that are necessary in order to achieve the desired results.  She is persistent and professional, always with her eye on the goal.  She has facilitated many successful projects for Marello Youth Retreat Center, encouraging and directing talented volunteers in manners which instruct and honor "process" as a means to a fruitful outcome.  Karen is a non-nonsense, clutter-free aficionado who aims to lead those around her to a state of organized grace.  Orderly living, working and being are definitely within reach for anyone who calls upon Organize for Serenity and
Karen Chappelear."

-Lynette Magnino, Manager

Marello Youth Retreat Center