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Online Auctions & Estate Sales

Your Situation

You may be an adult child tasked with clearing out your family home, or a real estate agent needing to close a sale quickly, but don't know how to clear the house contents. Or perhaps you are a Fiduciary or Estate Attorney responsible for an estate cleanout.

Estate clear-outs take not only take time but require lots of detailed planning. We work with you to identify your goals, determine the steps involved, and create a timetable that works for everyone involved. Along the way we point out options that may be available to you. We have been partnering with MaxSold Online Auction & Estate Sales since 2017 and have completed over 25 auctions for our clients.

Our Solution

The Steps

When you engage Organize for Serenity to conduct a MaxSold Auction, we perform the following steps:

  • Analyse of the entire space to be cleared and identify any and every personal item involved.
  • Unwrap and/or unbox involved Items.
  • Organize and/or purge any items not to be included in the auction.
  • Gather together similar items into groups called LOTS.
  • Remove any trash or donations for future removal.
  • Using the MaxSold App, LOTS are numbered, pictures are taken of the lotted items, and a brief description is created for each LOT.
  • The resulting information is collected into a catalogue, verified, and reviewed.
  • Any final edits are performed, and the catalogue is submitted for publication.
  • An auction flyer is created and distributed to neighbors and to local social media platforms. These include Next Door, Facebook, and Craigslist, in addition to MaxSold's own separate marketing platform.
  • Immediately after the online auction concludes, the one-day pickup event is planned, paying particular attention to the arrival-loading-departure of winning bidders in order to minimize congestion and time required.
  • Finally, we manage the pick-up event itself.
  • The pick-up event concludes with the removal of any items not picked up by the winning bidders.

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