Organize for Serenity
The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.- Mother Teresa

  Professional Organizing for the Home




Deciding What to Keep

Get rid of duplicates. Lay out everything, room-by-room, and choose the best example of each item. Keep in mind the amount of cupboard and closet space you have in your new home. Organize for Serenity has the resources to help you sell or donate the duplicates.

Planning Room Schemes

We encourage you to take photos and measurements of your new spaces room-by-room. Talk through each room in the new place and discuss what goes where. You may want to make some rough sketches or take notes so you remember what you decide on. Refer to the photos and measurements when doing your planning.  We will help with this!

Creating a New Home Together

Organize for Serenity knows that merging households means making compromises. We put together a personalized plan that meets everyone’s needs, hobbies, pets, taste in furniture and art, and so on. We want everyone to be happy.