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Karen Chappelear, M.Ed.

Professional Organizer

& Downsizing Specialis​t​


Organ​ize For Serenit​y

Serving California Clients in Granite Bay, Roseville, Auburn, and EL Dor​ado Hills

Since 2015

(916) 652-7560


We provide decluttering, organizing, and downsizing advice and consultation. Where needed, we establish and conduct an online estate sale in conjunction with an international auction partner. We also provide and coordinate moving, donation, and junk removal services using local providers in your area. As related services, we can also help you create a detailed and comprehensive inventory of personal items (useful for insurance purposes) and determine an objective valuation of high-value belongings.


We are especially aware of the unique requirements of adult children of elderly parents (perhaps deceased or with diminished capacities), and of spouses of those recently experiencing age-related diminished capacities. We provide solutions for all generations: Traditionalists (The Silent Generation), Baby Boomers, and Gen Xers to Millennials. We want to help you resolve short term emergencies and achieve a simpler and more serene lifestyle.

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