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See what clients are saying about Karen

“We are a busy family of 6, and we hired Karen twice to implement processes to eliminate chaos and create peace, order, and organization. Karen listened to the ‘pain points’ that interfered with daily life and worked with each of us to suggest and provide solutions that work. I would recommend Karen to anyone, especially if you live alone, live with a spouse or children, or own things that occupy space. Everyone should have Karen in their lives.”

The Conner Family – Roseville

"We hired Karen to do two MaxSold auctions to clear our parents house to get it on the market. Karen is reliable, honest and was able to get a very large and challenging job done efficiently and on time."

H. Webber – Auburn

"Karen Is unique in that she truly listens to what my needs are. She never tells me what to do. Rather, she helps to facilitate a decision. She is resourceful, professional and nonjudgmental. When it comes to assessing the clutter and messes, Karen stays within the budget. I love that Karen first assesses the project, then comes up with a plan that suits our needs. Because Karen went through a remodel herself, she focused on my need for storage during and after the project. The reduction in clutter means my new space is more efficient and attractive, and was not simply 'rearranging the deck chairs.' "

Suzanne W – Granite Bay

“Our office was a disorganized disaster. Karen to the rescue. She helped us identify items to be tossed or recycled, and then organize the rest of our supplies in logical and creative ways. Everything became easier to find and accessible. Karen is adaptable, flexible and communicative. Any project she works on returns great results. I highly recommend Karen's expertise.”

Maren Cortese, Parish Secretary

St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church.

“Karen Chappelear Is organized, diligent and focused. She assesses the scope of a given project, and easily defines the work and timelines that are necessary in order to achieve the desired results. She is persistent and professional, always with her eye on the goal. Karen is a no nonsense, clutter-free aficionado who aims to lead those around her to a state of organized grace.  Orderly living, working and being are definitely within reach for anyone who calls upon Organize for Serenity and Karen Chappelear.“

Lynette Magnino

Owner, Inspired Management

“Karen has pretty much saved my sanity. She helped me on several projects now. I am one of those people with piles on my desk and I used to and used to be when I needed a piece of paperwork it would take me sometimes hours to find it. Karen helped me to realize that as a business owner, I need to be organized enough so other people will be able to find my papers easily in the event of my absence. It saved me hours when applying for a home loan. Karen and I are currently working on a project where we are systemizing my business. She has this talent to be able to ask the right questions, to get all the information that I have in my head on to paper, something I tried for years to do myself. We have managed to do it in just a few sessions. I highly recommend Karen for anyone needing order and subsequently wanting peace and serenity. Her services truly live up to her business name.”

Jen Prado, CEO
Meticulosity Cleaning Services

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