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Senior Downsizing & Moving

The Situation

Packing up a house full of memories and moving to a smaller place jolts the calmest, most rational person into an uncomfortable state of stress.


The top stressors among seniors facing downsizing and moving are:

  • Retirement
  • A change in residence
  • Children leaving home

The Solution

Organize for Serenity helps reduce or even eliminate this burden. We assist individuals and families to organize and declutter the current contents of the home. Then we help to plan how the remaining items will fit into their new home.


Once the decision has been made to downsize or merely declutter, it’s important to begin as soon as possible. This makes the whole process more manageable and less stressful. Don’t wait until the last minute. The sooner you can see real progress toward your goal, the sooner you will begin to experience relief. 


We help to reduce the stress and anxiety by:

  • Working with you to objectively identify your needs and wants
  • Developing an action plan that honors both your real-life requirements and your emotional attachments to your belongings
  • Assisting you in the practical implementation of that plan, from beginning to end

Throughout this process you will have a large number of questions to answer. Here are just a few:

  • Does this item have any real value or am I just “attached” to it?
  • Will my kids or their kids ever want it?
  • Will it fit into my new house?
  • How do I donate it? And to whom?
  • It’s broken or damaged – what now?

The  Steps 

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