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MaxSold online auctions are central to many of our service offerings at Organize for Serenity. Decluttering, downsizing, and moving normally require removing many items from our client's homes. We make use of a number of facilities in order to accomplish this. Some items are discarded, some are donated, and others are sold. MaxSold is our primary vehicle for such sales because we can quickly remove many items. Most of our purchasers will re-home these items, saving them from the dump. In such a situation, these personal belongings may not result in large sales prices, but their removal by purchasers can significantly reduce the actual cost of downsizing. The result is a significant reduction in the total cost, and normally results in total financial benefit to our clients.

Some, perhaps many items to be sold can be individually worth significant sums of money or may be of significant interest to a specialized community. In these cases, we assist our clients in the sale of these items using a variety of social media marketing platforms. In such cases the purchasing customer outreach occurs using the facilities of these platforms.

Many of our MaxSold purchasers are repeat customers. They follow MaxSold online, looking for upcoming sales in their area, and all potential MaxSold customers have access to an online Sale Catalog. In addition, we maintain contact with our MaxSold purchasers and alert them, via email, of upcoming sales we think they would be interested in.

We do very little print advertising, but do maintain a few print outreach mechanisms you might be interested in. The first of these is ads placed in local weekly or monthly newspapers.  We also produce, and distribute to sale site neighborhood residents, flyers announcing an upcoming sale in their area. This flyer alerts neighborhood residents to the upcoming sale, as well as identifying for them the possible usefulness of Organize for Serenity in their lives. Below are a few examples of such print-based mechanisms:

Flyer for Auction
HAASE Auction
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